About us

The beginning of 'XS-LADEN' goes back to 1986 in Stuttgart... that time with founder Herbert Grammatikopoulos.

It developed from an amateur workshop and already that time the idea was to guarantee the spare part care, primarily, for the YAMAHA XS650. 

My own career with four-stroke bikes began in 1984 with a XS 500; - and already in 1986 I had built up my first XS 650 as a TWA chopper (and of course I have kept both of them until today). 

After primarily 'spare part contacts' with the Stuttgart XS store and a lot of shop-talks, we soon realized concerted XS projects.

1989 I bought my second XS 650 (type 447) which actually drove over 140,000 km in the meantime (only the 1. oversize piston)... and it works like a clockwork.

1994 I gratuated to Mechanic-Master for motorbikes and in the same year I began my way in self-dependence as authorized dealer for Yamaha and MOTO GUZZI.

Because we don't do things by halves, we decided 1999 to take over the XS-Laden Stuttgart  completely and move it to Bavaria; - and some years later we have quit the contracts and disengaged us from the sales of new motorbikes.

Since then we are in use, to maintain the vehicles of our customers, to provide high qualitiy spare parts, to repair, to build up newly, to purchase new spare parts, to copy, to improve, to advice, etc. etc....

We don't cannibalize motorbikes, we build them up newly!

As far as possible, we use Yamaha genuine parts. - If this isn't possible, we always endeavor to test all spare parts adequately to make sure that the quality corresponds to our high standards. 

Nearly all re-manufactured products are 'made in Germany', because if we award an order, we prefer to know the manufacturer. 

This philosophy simply gives us the security, that we and the customer can count on what's built into the bike.

Since 2013 we could strengthen our workshop with Tom Lokau who's Mechanic–Master and active in the workshop as well as in the field of spare parts.

And thus we hope that we can keep running as many XS650 as possible and we are gladly available any time with words and deeds!

Harald Geppert